This is how I roll…

OK kiddies, so this is how it’s gonna go. I’m gonna read some plays, and then I’m gonna write some sh*t down. Here’s what we’re lookin’ at:

Playwright: I shall put the name of the playwright/s here. Pretty self-explanatory.

Pages: The total number of pages in the actual script. Not including set notes, cast list, or any of that. Just first word of the script, to last word.

Number of roles: The number of people it takes to perform this play. I’ll make notes if there are phone calls that can be audio, or if there are roles that are meant to be doubled. Female roles will be listed first. Cause I want to.

Spoilers: There will be SPOILERS in this section! I will attempt to give a quick summary of the play. This section will be ruthless. I will attempt to fly through key moments of the plot with surgical skill. I am confident I will succeed!

Feels like…: A song that reminds me of this play, or the other way around.

I want to say…: My personal choice of favorite line in the play. I reserve the right for this not to make any sense without context. But the line will be AWESOME.

Monologues: I’ll let you know if there are any good ones, the gender and the age range. Will keep it to round numbers for easy searchin’ (20s, 30s, 40s, etc.).

And that should do it!

I plan on reading anything and everything. Recommendations are heartily welcome. I am going to start out with published plays HOWEVER, I LOVE reading NEW stuff! If you want YOUR play read and included – please reach out – I would LOVE to include new, original work here!

Now let’s fr*akin’ read.


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